The Vampire Diaries


Episode Song Title Album Artist Buy
707 TV Set TV Set - Single Spoon
707 Gone Plastic Flower - EP Ofelia K
707 Slacks Slacks - Single St. South
706 Leave Me Alone Too Fidlar
706 Bread & Butter Old Tyme Religion Hugo
706 The Greatest Trick I Know Knots - EP Michael Malarkey
706 Let It All Go Let It All Go - Single Birdy + Rhodes
706 Raise Hell Raise Hell - Single Dorothy
706 Black Flies Every Kingdom Ben Howard
705 Undertow Undertow Drenge
705 I'll Never Go Away I'll Never Go Away - Single Erin McCarley ft. Gave Dixon
705 Girl Crush Vikings New Politics
705 Can We Work It Out Can We Work It Out - Single Gordi
705 Blossom Carry The Ghost Noah Gundersen
704 West Coast Too Fidlar
704 Sweet Sour Sweet Sour Band of Skulls
704 These Boots Were Made for Walking Unreleased Pete Harper and J Blynn
704 Goat Spirits French for Rabbits
704 Mene Mene - Single Brand New
704 To Die For The Making Of Bohicas
704 Malmo I Mitt Hjarta Grand Canyon Sarah MacDougall
704 What Good is a Heart Waving Wild - EP Arum Rae
704 Where The Devil Don't Go Love Stuff Elle King
704 Handsome English Graffiti The Vaccines